Monday, July 22, 2013

YOU LEFT ME ALONE by Michael James Fry


Michael James Fry
Part I: Exposition
You left me alone to figure it all out,
you chilled me to the bone with reason to shout.
With what you’ve shown you’ve lost your clout:
for without a doubt you’ve tossed me about
and left me alone to figure it all out.
You moseyed on down your rosy road, my friend,
all while your lack of compassion
had shown me The Bitter End,
smacking me hatefully with an unkind fate,
and causing a compression of depression
in an implausible state of underrated regression.
This was a messy stand:
a sloppy season of downright deception -
a hell-bent time of common reason reproval,
complete with your mark of stark disapproval.
O how you howl! O how you lie and make a fuss!
O how you bark your broken kiss
    of disapproval at me!
O how you park your faith against my propriety!

The dark and weary message of token rehearsal
that you send to me is a fearless fork
in the crossroads of your dreary dismissal,
my peerless disparity.
Take heed to remember that our history is not fiction!
For indeed ~
You’ll find our story is filled with friction!
You needlessly drill me with your greedy contradiction.
Yet trapped that I am,
nothing can lessen the lessons
that I learned with you;
and nothing can cheapen the weeping
that I keep for you.
It is from within the silence of the spaces
which brew the passing time between us
that I fend off my pressing sorrows
in you that are the most heavily endured;
for this is when the many Ghosts of Loneliness
take impure sciences from places in today
only to replace them as tomorrow’s Supreme Host,
as the most conjured.
And then after a certain point has passed,
a cautious scar sinks into each road unevenly.
But the stars in the sky overhead
blink a code so heavenly
that now I think it can be evenly said
that I might wash away the years of fears and might
in my token bowl of broken tears and fright;
and then stash my newly risen soul to God, entirely.
Therefore: why must you fake me so wholeheartedly?
Because I have seen!
I know there are those who circle all around;
those who are grounded, well-rounded,
those who are founded in a sound mind,
something refined, something kind,
something fair, something rare . . .
These sorts of people are hard to define
yet they are well-liked.
Some are striking and well-known.
Some have flown all over the world
to stand upon a stool of new tunes,
to swim in a pool of fresh blood,
to toss and swirl in good fortune
while lost unfurling in the power
of their own flood of psycho-torment,
all that they might seek to rule by far
the moment of the hour
wherever they are.
 . . . . But in the midst of all that . . .
I saw in you
why the sun calls upon the earth
to give birth to each new day.
You are the garden
 in which I had wanted to flow
because our music made pardon
that our souls might grow
in a beautiful, new way.
Part II: Betrayal
Yea, though: what does all that matter now?
For you left me alone,
you left me behind so carefully -
like those who circle around so skillfully,
like those who see through unclear eyes so "fairly,"
like those who think just barely,
like those who sink as an insane person dares to do.

Spare me the inane hijinks of the games you beget!
Fan not the flames of the stinking levels accrued:
The Devil for hire in the dire mire
of the fires set by you!

Cursed I am for the sin in my every heartbeat!
Yet immersed I remain in your rhythm ever so sweet!
Must it be that we shall never meet again?
Why did you leave while calling me your friend?
So meek and gentle from genesis to end,
tell me my nemesis: what happened?
Part III: Aftermath
I wait and wonder about what comes next
Seeking my healing without our flame
Trying with might to win this foul game
I die tonight lest I shame my own name -
Let my Truth then be known unto you:
Lo and behold! You put me asunder!
Lots of blundering bait to distract: bad
Over the hills and far away hexed: sad
Vanity is sanity insanely perplexed: mad
Every moment in tact is filled yet the same
Your precious face, your lovely name
Oh why did you race to rake me into a hole begotten?
Under your shadow, a broken soul forgotten.